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health & safety signThe health and safety of everyone affected by our projects is of paramount importance to Welbro. Our safety management system has CHAS and Safecontractor accreditation but we are always looking for ways of going further than just the accepted minimum standard when it comes to Health & Safety management. It starts with every operative and subcontractor working on our sites being fully trained, equipped and briefed on the safety issues for each project.

We employ a specialist consultant to add further depth to our knowledge and assist with challenging projects and situations, as well as keeping the site managers briefed and updated with improvements and changes in regulations or best practice. We have a NEBOSH qualified in-house inspector who undertakes site safety and environmental inspections on all  UK major projects and a significant proportion of smaller ones to ensure that all sites are complying with the standards we have established.

These inspections are scored and recorded with a report being generated after each inspection that is issued to the Safety Director and the Project Manager. The data recorded and produced from these inspections is reviewed at regular management meetings and trends or common non-conformances discussed and any appropriate action taken or any additional training is implemented. The data from the site safety inspections is analysed annually by the Safety Director, the rest of the board, the safety consultants and the safety inspector and used to amend policy and set higher standards for the following year. The safety inspections use a bespoke cloud based system for gathering and recording the data. 

We have a full Health & Safety policy document, as required by law, which can be inspected on request. Within this document the responsibilities and duties of every member of the site team are clearly defined and explained. Whilst we consider this to be a good document, we regularly review and amend it to ensure that we keep up with the latest regulation and try to be innovative by encouraging all team members to consider ways of improving or enhancing the policy document, safe systems of work or any other safety procedure within our organisation.

Before arriving on site a construction phase safety plan will have been drafted following a detailed survey. This document will consider all aspects of safety in connection with a project and normally include a risk assessment, noise assessment and method statement. On site project inductions and toolbox talks are used to communicate the key elements of the safety plan and precautions to the operatives on site, be them in-house workers or subcontractors. They inductions and toolbox talks are precise and delivered in a manner that the operatives understand to ensure they are fully briefed and aware of any hazards prior to the works commencing.

It is a simple ethos that we adopt - no one can be too safe. 

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Industrial Buildings

Whether your Industrial building is large or small, occupied or vacated Welbro would like to work with you to find the right solution for your refurbishment project. 

Since 2000 we have refurbished a wide variety of premises for leading commercial landlords and directly for the end user. We have extensive experience refurbishing everything from a vacant warehouse unit to a fully operational manufacturing facility.

Early involvement in the planning of a project is key, especially when the industrial building is occupied. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you to make the refurbishment of your industrial building a great success, with minimal disruption to your normal operations.

Call us and we will run through your options and provide budget costs. There is no charge for this service unless specilaist access equipment is required.

Commercial Buildings

Planning the refurbishment of commercial buildings often differs from industrial buildings, as they tend to involve more people. This presents a number challenges when they require refurbishment.

Our management team are aware of the extra care required when working in this environment, having work on film studios like Pinewood & Shepperton, various shopping centres and other commercial properties since 2000.

It is important to plan safety precautions to cause the least disruption but these measures may be more costly then the basic standard. Reduced disruption and expedient completion of the works often negates these additional costs.

Why not let Welbro help you plan and execute your refurbishment project?

Military Buildings

Most of the Welbro Directors have worked on Military buildings prior to the formation of Welbro, so their extensive knowledge and experience has been shared throughout the team.

Working on airfields, around sophisticated military aircraft and equipment requires the highest levels of safety and management.

This collective knowledge extents to World War II Aircraft Hangars, which is an area where Welbro have particular expertise regarding their design and structure.

We have refurbished Military buildings on both RAF sites & Army barracks throughout the UK and we have undertaken a significant amount of work in the Falklands Islands.

So whether you have a Hangar Door that needs servicing or would like to reclad your T2 Hangar, call Welbro.

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