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Charity is important to everyone at Welbro. Wherever it is possible we do what we can to give something back to society. It is impossible to satisfy every request for support but over the years Welbro has given thousands of pounds to a wide variety of charitable organisations, either by direct donations or supporting the various sponsored events undertaken by groups or individuals known to us.

With a reasonable proportion of Welbro's work being undertaken on military sites both here in the UK and on the Falkland Islands, we have made a particular effort to support Military charities. Below are some of the letters of thanks we have received. World War I centenary commemorations between 2014 and 2018 have also focused our minds on the members of the armed services today and their families who have been affected by recent conflicts.


Military Charities Supported by Welbro Include:

ssafa - Copy Letter Click Here

ABF The Soldiers' Charity - Copy Letter Click Here

The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust - Copy Letter Click Here

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund - Copy Letter Click Here

Falklands Veterans Foundation - Copy Letter Click Here

Help for Heroes -


Other Charities Supported by Welbro Include:

Cancer Reserch - Macmillian Cancer Support - Norfolk Hospice Tapping House - Wooden Spoon Society - 


In addition to giving to Charity Welbro have undetaken small projects for the local community, mainly in the Falkland Islands. These include the relocation of a childrens' play facility the MPC Families' centre, and some roof repairs for the Falkland Island Museum & National Trust.  



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Industrial Buildings

Whether your Industrial building is large or small, occupied or vacated Welbro would like to work with you to find the right solution for your refurbishment project. 

Since 2000 we have refurbished a wide variety of premises for leading commercial landlords and directly for the end user. We have extensive experience refurbishing everything from a vacant warehouse unit to a fully operational manufacturing facility.

Early involvement in the planning of a project is key, especially when the industrial building is occupied. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you to make the refurbishment of your industrial building a great success, with minimal disruption to your normal operations.

Call us and we will run through your options and provide budget costs. There is no charge for this service unless specilaist access equipment is required.

Commercial Buildings

Planning the refurbishment of commercial buildings often differs from industrial buildings, as they tend to involve more people. This presents a number challenges when they require refurbishment.

Our management team are aware of the extra care required when working in this environment, having work on film studios like Pinewood & Shepperton, various shopping centres and other commercial properties since 2000.

It is important to plan safety precautions to cause the least disruption but these measures may be more costly then the basic standard. Reduced disruption and expedient completion of the works often negates these additional costs.

Why not let Welbro help you plan and execute your refurbishment project?

Military Buildings

Most of the Welbro Directors have worked on Military buildings prior to the formation of Welbro, so their extensive knowledge and experience has been shared throughout the team.

Working on airfields, around sophisticated military aircraft and equipment requires the highest levels of safety and management.

This collective knowledge extents to World War II Aircraft Hangars, which is an area where Welbro have particular expertise regarding their design and structure.

We have refurbished Military buildings on both RAF sites & Army barracks throughout the UK and we have undertaken a significant amount of work in the Falklands Islands.

So whether you have a Hangar Door that needs servicing or would like to reclad your T2 Hangar, call Welbro.

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