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If you need to renew a flat roof there is a way to help the environment, providing that the roof’s location and specification is suitable, and that is to make it a “green” roof or roof garden. This will absorb CO2 and replace it with oxygen and help to retain rainwater, which sustains the seedum plants growing on the roof. There are now a range of very low maintenance plants that have developed for this application and these combined with the right weathering membrane can produce some pleasing results.

There are also a wide variety of environmental features that can be added to most roof refurbishment specfications to protect and help the environment. There are rainwater collections systems that capture and store"grey water" that can be used to flush toilets or for cooling purposes. In a recent project on the Falkland Islands, "Grey Water" technology was employed in the new canine centre for the guard dogs. The water captured was used for the jetting down and cleaning of the dogs rest quarters.

Another "Green" technology that can be incorporated into a roofing refurbishment specification is the addition of built-in PV panels into single-ply membranes. This will convert sunlight into electricity using PV panels that are part on the membrane itself.


Single-ply roofing systems have a number of advantages over traditional flat roofing materials like felt or mastic asphalt. The main advantage is they are fixed without the requirement for boiling bitumen, asphalt or naked flames on site. This drastically reduces the risk of fire on site making it a lot safer for all parties affected by the project.

Modern single-ply membranes are tough and durable in addition to being quick to install. If you have a roof that requires refurbishment we can offer a bespoke solution using one of a number of single-ply membrane systems that we can install. Single-ply membranes can also be used on pitched roofs and to line gutters too, so it is not just for flat roofs. It has a wide variety of uses making it a very versitile material.


Overlay Systems Inverted Roofs Pitched Roofs
Roof Gardens Insulated Systems Seedum Roofs


Single-ply membranes are often used to line ponds, swimming pools and waste pits so they are not adversely effected by standing or ponding water. There is a wide range of walkway tiles and other accessories available to protect the membrane from foot traffic and plant mounted on the roof.

There are a wide variety of doors used in industrial buildings and we can install, refurbish and maintain most of them, including personnel doors, roller-shutter, concertina and sectional overhead. Our door specialist also has extensive experience of Hangar and large doors.

The services we can offer include repairs or re-spraying work to the doors, routine maintenance to ensure the safe operation of the doors and complete renewal or fitting to new units. Welbro can design, supply and fix new doors or replace existing ones, whilst maintaining the security of the building.

Door Before
Door After
Welbro has a wide range of knowledge in fitting, refurbishing and maintaining doors and would welcome the opportunity to develop new door projects or prepare service schedules.

Asbestos Removal & Surveys

There is a great deal of concern currently about the presence of asbestos in buildings today. If asbestos is discovered in a building and it is identified as a risk, it will need to be removed by a licensed contractor. Welbro holds a current asbestos license issued by the HSE and this permits us to undertake the removal of Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB) and decorative coatings containing asbestos. Full containment of a contaminated area can be organised and full Health & Safety protocols and procedures are documented before the work is undertaken. We can also carry out surveys of industrial buildings to determine the presence and nature of any asbestos based products. Asbestos Suit

  • May 21st 2004: Asbestos Survey had to be carried out to locate any asbestos, and then enable businesses to manage it properly.
  • If this hasn’t yet been carried out we are able to carry out all three types of survey, and we have qualified in-house operatives who have years of experience in this field.
  • There is no obligation for Welbro to remove the asbestos once the survey has identified it, but it is worth mentioning that the costs of asbestos removal are rising dramatically at the moment and it is unlikely that it will get any cheaper to remove it.

Welbro started trading as an industrial roofing and cladding contractor and today this is still at the heart of the business. The management team's experience of complex roofing and cladding projects is huge, as they have dealt with everything from re-roofing a hi-tec mobile communications operations centre to refurbishing military aircraft hangars on operation air bases whilst normal operations continue uninterrupted. This requires careful planning, a great understanding of our clients business and above all an experienced and highly trained team. 

Large Project Over-roof In most cases a roof can be replaced without the requirement for a temporary over-roof but there are times when the risk of water ingress is just not acceptable, in which case there is no option. The project illustrated in the photograph shows an over-roof being erected over a Hi-tec Mobile Communications Operation Centre, which remained in operation 24/7 whilst the whole roof was renewed.

If your operations can not be interrupted and you are concerned about replacing your roof, please contact our design team at Titchfield as we would welcome the opportunity to visit you organisation for a free consultation to discuss the various methods available when re-roofing a building that has to be kept operational.

If you are considering a major roofing or cladding project please contact us now This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welbro undertake the following types of industrial and commercial roofing:

 Corrugated Metal Roofing  Plastisol Coated Steel Roofing
 Aluminium Roofing  Copper Coated Roofing
 Composite Roofing Panels  Site Assembled Roofing Systems
 Standing Seam Roofing Systems  Secret-Fix Roofing Systems
 Flat to Pitched Conversions  Low Rise Roofs
 Tile Effect MetalRoofing  Galvainsed Roofing

We can recommend the best manufactures of each type of roofing system, as Welbro is an independent company with no ties or attachments to any specific manufacturer or product. Our advice is based on what we consider to be the best on the market for each product we supply and install.


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Industrial Buildings

Whether your Industrial building is large or small, occupied or vacated Welbro would like to work with you to find the right solution for your refurbishment project. 

Since 2000 we have refurbished a wide variety of premises for leading commercial landlords and directly for the end user. We have extensive experience refurbishing everything from a vacant warehouse unit to a fully operational manufacturing facility.

Early involvement in the planning of a project is key, especially when the industrial building is occupied. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you to make the refurbishment of your industrial building a great success, with minimal disruption to your normal operations.

Call us and we will run through your options and provide budget costs. There is no charge for this service unless specilaist access equipment is required.

Commercial Buildings

Planning the refurbishment of commercial buildings often differs from industrial buildings, as they tend to involve more people. This presents a number challenges when they require refurbishment.

Our management team are aware of the extra care required when working in this environment, having work on film studios like Pinewood & Shepperton, various shopping centres and other commercial properties since 2000.

It is important to plan safety precautions to cause the least disruption but these measures may be more costly then the basic standard. Reduced disruption and expedient completion of the works often negates these additional costs.

Why not let Welbro help you plan and execute your refurbishment project?

Military Buildings

Most of the Welbro Directors have worked on Military buildings prior to the formation of Welbro, so their extensive knowledge and experience has been shared throughout the team.

Working on airfields, around sophisticated military aircraft and equipment requires the highest levels of safety and management.

This collective knowledge extents to World War II Aircraft Hangars, which is an area where Welbro have particular expertise regarding their design and structure.

We have refurbished Military buildings on both RAF sites & Army barracks throughout the UK and we have undertaken a significant amount of work in the Falklands Islands.

So whether you have a Hangar Door that needs servicing or would like to reclad your T2 Hangar, call Welbro.

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